Meet Our Sponsors: e2c Services

As we continue the journey toward our fall conference in Orlando, we want to give you the opportunity to meet some of the people that help us make it happen. Today, Gary brings us the story of e2c Services.

It’s every college senior’s major question when entering their final year of school: “What am I going to do after I walk across the stage in the fall?” Many college graduates graduate and do not have a job; this is true for a great many who are out in the world today. Some might question the lack of preparation in higher education for that. But career service organizations like E2Cservices are changing that fear, and turning it into a possibility.

Career_fairThe model that they adopt and have college students follow is what shows their success. Dave Pearce and Dawn Brunn’s story is unique. They were co-workers at the same company and one day had a conversation about how much they learned; they wanted to bring that knowledge back to college students for others ultimate success.  Dave Pearce is founder of E2Cservices, while Brunn holds a masters degree in Adult Education and is a Certified Professional Coach.  Their networking model developed as they reached out to different students, organizations, colleges and other groups- from there the word spreads about E2C.

E2C believes that universities can get their faculty active within their community, particularly in business. Students should get opportunities to get out of the classroom and do internships. E2C says, statistics shows students who have had a internship during a period of their educational career have a greater chance at obtaining a job at that organization, than their peers who do not take advantage of this opportunity. E2C has had great success- each student they take on as a client receives the same coaching and the same number of interviews with the organizations they want. A quick example: one of the trainings that E2C conducts is called Strengths Training; through this one of E2C’s clients discovered he wanted to go to school for his Civil Engineering degree. Now he is working in his dream field, and has an internship at a Engineering Firm.

E2C feels that Lead365 is a great conference opportunity and partner, because both organizations have the same audience and core values. E2Cservices welcomes everyone to attend their session (to be held at the start of Day 2); they will present networking ideas, resume building, LinkedIn profiles, and do’s and don’ts on Social Media. Join them at Lead365.


Gary’s Leadership Spotlight: From Community Member to Community Advisor

This month, the Lead365 community engagement team is looking at their formative college leadership experiences as many of us head back to campus and the classroom. Today: Gary tells us what becoming an RA in his second year means to him today.

Four years ago, as a sophomore, I became a Resident Assistant for a first-year student resident hall. I was excited at first because I was a people person; and I wanted to connect with others, make new friends and enjoy the experience. I had heard great things from other people who were RAs in college who had a good experiences. But almost two months into the position I had an “a-ha!” moment. I did not know what it was exactly, but I was liking the experience more than I thought.

Gary with his residence hall staff from Lynn University.
Gary with his residence hall staff from Lynn University.

I was very involved on my campus all throughout college; my RA positions lead me to other great opportunities. But I never really expected to take on big leadership roles in either a Fraternity, Student Government, or even being a Community Advisor in our Housing department. By my junior year in college, I had a mentor mention to me that I should think about a field called “student affairs.” At this moment in my life, I loved every moment of being involved, more than being in class. I thought to myself, “I actually could do this as a living.” It came to me at a perfect time, because I was not entirely sure what I wanted to do after I graduated. So I took the summer to look into. As it turns out, it was some of the best advice I’ve ever gotten. I was very fortunate to get into an amazing graduate program with some support from amazing mentors. I am currently a Graduate Assistant with the Department of Housing Residence Life at the University of West Florida, in their College Student Affairs Administration Program.

I feel so lucky that my involvement got me to the start of my career path. I learned some great lessons through my involvement as an RA- great people skills; leadership skills; and, most importantly, personal skills. I gained growth within myself. I can confidently find resources, assist with conflict resolution, and execute successful programming. This is not a job for everyone; it takes a special type of skill. I’ve definitely learned that I do have that. Every day, I love waking up and working with the students who live in the community that I live in. I like creating a engaged and involved community, because I personally feel that if a college student has a positive and involved community in college then that could help with retention rates.


Gary’s Leadership Highlight: Abraham Lincoln

This month, the Lead365 team will be talking about examples of leadership in history. Be it actual historical moments, or ones that you’ve seen in movies or TV, we want to share with you the moments on the battlefield, in the courtroom, or in the newspapers, that make us want to be better leaders. Gary’s got another pick for a great historical film: Lincoln.

Lincoln helped create our country and developed the foundations that which today we still use. Though he was assassinated just after the end of a war he steered the country through, he led our country though the end of slavery. Lincoln led the U.S. through the Civil War, a conflict that had one of the deadliest impact in war history. He developed our country constitutionally and also got our economy up and running. This movie is powerful because Lincoln had a great impact on our country and the reason why the U.S. is the way it is today.

Gary’s Leadership Highlight: RADIO

This month, the Lead365 team will be talking about examples of leadership in sports. Be it actual sports moments, or ones that you’ve seen in movies or TV, we want to share with you the moments on the field, on the court, or in the gym, that make us want to be better leaders. Gary’s got another pick for a great sports film: Radio.


RADIO is not a movie that shows the point-blank side of someone’s differences. What it does is show the importance and the message of why inclusion is needed in our society. RADIO is a human being just like everyone else; sure, he might have a learning difference and might do things differently from others. But if you look into his character he has more perspective and enthusiasm. What distinguished in this movie is that Coach Jones (Ed Harris) got Radio out of his “cage” and got him out of his comfort zone by getting him to spend time with people he normally wouldn’t. But it was Radio who taught all of those people the importance of coming together and how everyone can be treated equally. I like how even when the whole town was against him about having a “different” student with the team, Jones didn’t care. Because he knew that RADIO being around was teaching the whole community about equality.

Gary’s Leadership Highlight: The Blind Side

This month, the Lead365 team will be talking about examples of leadership in sports. Be it actual sports moments, or ones that you’ve seen in movies or TV, we want to share with you the moments on the field, on the court, or in the gym, that make us want to be better leaders. Gary’s pick for a great moment in a sports film: The Blind Side.

Why? Gary writes:

The Blind Side shows many great qualities of leadership. Not only because what the family did for Michael, but there were plenty of examples of where Michael showed leadership qualities as well. In the scene during football practice Leigh Ann took a noticeable leadership position when she took extra time to explain to Michael what the play was suppose to be, and what the team was trying to accomplish. But there was more behind the action of Mrs. Tuohy. First, the coach was not leading the team by the way he was speaking to Michael, talking down to him and not believing he could perform in football. Leigh Ann standing up, taking the lead to speak to Michael, showing examples, tying in the family- these were all common practices that a good leader takes. Leigh Ann took the time and used examples to show Michael, who wasn’t understanding, what his role was how to get the job done.

I love this scene because I believe in the same practices. Just because someone may not understand how to do something, doesn’t mean to turn your back on them. A leader takes whatever means necessary to help the person to understand. Not only does it build self-esteem for that individual but hope as well and acceptance. That is what Leigh Ann was doing.