Believe it or not, the march toward next year’s conference is already moving! As we go, we want to introduce you to some of the people that make it happen. Today, we’re chatting with Lindsay Murdock, Campus Outreach Coordinator for Check I’m Here!

Image Credit: LinkedIn


A: Tell us a little about Check I’m Here. What does the product do?

L: Check I’m Here provides a web and mobile platform to universities and colleges to help increase student engagement, assess involvement, allocate funding efficiently, and improve retention through simplifying and digitizing processes, collecting, structuring, and analyzing involvement data, and provides tools to help reach and engage more students. You can learn more at

We were started by former student leaders who found a need for a data focused approach to increasing engagement on campus and we’re passionate about making sure all students have the opportunities to experience what happens when you get involved on campus and in leadership positions.

A: How did you get involved with the company? What do you love most about what you do?

L: I found out about Check I’m Here through the Student Affairs Facebook group, a networking page for Student Affairs Professionals from across the nation. I knew immediately I wanted to be a part of the team because I believe in the mission of Check I’m Here and I love helping campuses to improve the student experience.

Being an involved student is what made me who I am today, so I love providing the technology for campuses to improve these experiences for their students The ability to connect with passionate people is what makes me excited to come into work every day, so that’s probably my favorite part of the job. Between my innovative coworkers and the dedicated campus leaders I work with every day, I leave work every day energized to come in the next day!

A: Why do you think that Lead365 and Check I’m Here are a natural fit to join forces?

L: Our missions align in a manner that prioritizes human capital and empowers student leaders and student affairs professionals to serve their campuses (and the greater good) and make the world a better place! We’re able to do this by empowering human connections to build networks that utilize people’s strengths to create change. Finally, at the base level, we all come from the student affairs field, so that’s a bond that allows us to prioritize the students in everything we do!

A: As a former student leader, how did it feel to be at Lead365?

L: I loved it! The energy was infectious, the students were thoughtful and the ed sessions were super motivating! Watching everyone get excited to learn more and hone their potential reinforced my love for student affairs!

A: As student leaders who are now out in the world, what advice do you have for the leaders still in school that we work with each day?

Say yes! Whenever opportunities present themselves, say yes to them! You only have a few years in school and it’s so important to throw yourself outside of your comfort zone to grow as a person as a leader. And when the opportunities you want don’t present themselves, create your own. Build a network that allows you to succeed and take risks and eventually those risks will lead to greater opportunities!

Bonus Note from Lindsay and the Check I’m Here team: When you graduate, hit us up. We’re hiring 😉

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