Part of being a student leader is just that- a student leader. You’re a temporary fixture in an institution that survived before you got there and will last after you leave your schooling and head to the real world. The good news is, as a student leader, your presence can be immortalized on campus for years to come after you depart for the next chapter. Jack Welch once said, “Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you before a leader, success is about growing others.”

This is something I have taken to heart. The role that has the biggest impact on me being a student leader on campus has been being a student ambassador (tour guide). For me, this is the pinnacle of being a student leader; this is because I get to put Jack Welch’s words into something tangible. Showing prospective students around, hearing their stories and what drives them, whether it be student government, social justice or cultural understanding. I know if my school is a good fit for them and, if so, give them the opportunity to be a student leader by introducing them to current students and professors in those organizations, share their passions and get involved.


All the time we hear about apathy in new students when they come to university. As an ambassador for my institution, I get to be on the forefront of fighting that generalization and making a difference in the future of my school. This is why I think being a student ambassador is the most important leadership position I’ve held at my school. Not only will I be able to take pride in all the things that I have personally done to help make my school a better place, I will also get to take pride in the student leaders who I helped make that decision to come to our school and make a difference as a student leader. This is how I see myself leaving a permanent mark at my school and why being a student ambassador is by far the most rewarding opportunity that I have been a part of.


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