As we continue the journey toward our fall conference in Orlando, we want to give you the opportunity to meet some of the people that help us make it happen. Today, Dorothee brings us the story of Delete Blood Cancer.

Delete Blood Cancer is the world’s largest bone marrow transplant center.  Started by a single family in 1990, DKMS has expanded throughout the nation and the world. With a global vision, the organization has developed branches in the US, Germany, UK, Poland and Spain. As the organization grew it has had the opportunity to reach out to multiple types of groups within our society. DKMS has sought to expand the awareness of becoming a donor on college campuses across the nation.

IMAGE CREDIT: Getty Images

Meet Ashley Cox, the College Focused Donor Recruitment Facilitator for DKMS. Signing up to be a donor at the age of 18 and beginning as a volunteer with Delete Blood Cancer in 2009, she has been working within the organization for two years. During her time as a volunteer on her college campus Cox was inspired to keep the mission alive and hosted multiple DKMS drives. After attending the Lead365 National Conference in March, Cox believes it is the best conference she has ever attended.  The level of interaction and engagement of the students and speakers was something that was really striking. Though the tailored workshops were attended by many students, each one felt like a one on one session. Cox said, “it was so much fun to meet college students who are engaged with their own personal growth.” Cox drew a parallel between the two organizations. She believes that DKMS and its college program allows students to act upon the mission of Lead365 of making a difference in their community and give students accessible ways to apply leadership skills. Through her own life journey, Cox believes that being a part of DKMS has impacted her life in many different perspectives.

With over 5,000 non-profit organizations in the United States alone awareness education can be the most challenging part of an organization. Cox has learned how important it is to help students connect with THEIR message. Through Delete Blood Cancer, students will be able to apply for a scholarship that will pay for their registration for the Lead365.

Look to meet Ashley this fall in Orlando for the Lead365 conference, and click here to start your journey to explore, engage, and evolve!


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