Gary’s Leadership Highlight: RADIO

This month, the Lead365 team will be talking about examples of leadership in sports. Be it actual sports moments, or ones that you’ve seen in movies or TV, we want to share with you the moments on the field, on the court, or in the gym, that make us want to be better leaders. Gary’s got another pick for a great sports film: Radio.


RADIO is not a movie that shows the point-blank side of someone’s differences. What it does is show the importance and the message of why inclusion is needed in our society. RADIO is a human being just like everyone else; sure, he might have a learning difference and might do things differently from others. But if you look into his character he has more perspective and enthusiasm. What distinguished in this movie is that Coach Jones (Ed Harris) got Radio out of his “cage” and got him out of his comfort zone by getting him to spend time with people he normally wouldn’t. But it was Radio who taught all of those people the importance of coming together and how everyone can be treated equally. I like how even when the whole town was against him about having a “different” student with the team, Jones didn’t care. Because he knew that RADIO being around was teaching the whole community about equality.


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