Gary’s Leadership Highlight: The Blind Side

This month, the Lead365 team will be talking about examples of leadership in sports. Be it actual sports moments, or ones that you’ve seen in movies or TV, we want to share with you the moments on the field, on the court, or in the gym, that make us want to be better leaders. Gary’s pick for a great moment in a sports film: The Blind Side.

Why? Gary writes:

The Blind Side shows many great qualities of leadership. Not only because what the family did for Michael, but there were plenty of examples of where Michael showed leadership qualities as well. In the scene during football practice Leigh Ann took a noticeable leadership position when she took extra time to explain to Michael what the play was suppose to be, and what the team was trying to accomplish. But there was more behind the action of Mrs. Tuohy. First, the coach was not leading the team by the way he was speaking to Michael, talking down to him and not believing he could perform in football. Leigh Ann standing up, taking the lead to speak to Michael, showing examples, tying in the family- these were all common practices that a good leader takes. Leigh Ann took the time and used examples to show Michael, who wasn’t understanding, what his role was how to get the job done.

I love this scene because I believe in the same practices. Just because someone may not understand how to do something, doesn’t mean to turn your back on them. A leader takes whatever means necessary to help the person to understand. Not only does it build self-esteem for that individual but hope as well and acceptance. That is what Leigh Ann was doing.

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